Custom Registration Form (Contact 7)

This feature is added since v2.15.1. The purpose of the feature is to provide a custom registration form for the user.

Instead of having email & password only, now you can have extra fields like name, address, phone number, etc.

Demo: Video:

You will need to use this plugin to enable password for Contact form 7:

Contact 7 Form Creation

Here is a simple example of how to use the custom registration form.

These hidden fields are optional.

[hidden sendEmailConfirmation1 "true"]
[hidden redirect "/my-account"]
[hidden role "freemium"]

<label> First Name
    [text* firstName]

<label> Last Name
    [text* lastName]

<label> Gender
    [select gender "Male" "Female" "Other"]

<label> Email
    [email* email] </label>

<label> Password
    [password* password password_min:6]

<label> Password Confirmation
    [password* password_validate password_check:password]

[submit "Register"]

Embed Registration Form in a Page

After you have created the form, you can embed it in a page. Remember to put html_id=”if-c7-registration-form” in the form tag.

[contact-form-7 id="211" title="Registration" html_id="if-c7-registration-form"]

If you want to save extra fields to firebase, please check Sync User Data From WordPress to Firebase