Enable FirebaseUI Web

This feature will help to you register, login and logout on WordPress with your Firebase Users. However, this won’t let your users login to WordPress Dashboard. If you want to sync the Users between two systems, please read the WordPress User Integration section in this guide.

Go to WordPress User Integration Section.

Before showing the FirebaseUI Web on your WordPress, you need to enable sign-in options in Firebase > Authentication


Enable SignIn Options

Since version 0.5.5, all the authentication methods will be handled through FirebaseUI-Web.

// Deprecated shortcodes
[firebase_user_register] and [firebase_login]

You need to update the Auth settings in Firebase, in order to enable this feature.


FirebaseUI Web Settings

Then you well the login feature on the frontend.


FirebaseUI Web Frontend

You can enable the login feature by adding this shorcode a post or a page. If you specify the redirect parameter in the shortcode, it will override the setting in WordPress in order to redirect to desired page after logging in.

// redirect & send_email_confirmation are optional
[firebaseui_web redirect="link-to-page" send_email_confirmation=true][/firebaseui_web]