Firebase User Profile on WordPress

You have ability to manage Firebase Users account from WordPress. For example, User is managed in Firestore under ‘users‘ collection and the document is the Firebase UID.

Then you can create a Contact 7 form with the fields that represent your users information.

*Note: the form only supports text, tel, number, date and radio at the moment.

Create User Profile Fields with Contact Form 7

For example, User profile will be saved to Firebase under users collection, the document is the firebase UID.

Remember to set the security rule that only allows user to update their own data.

// Example of Firestore security rule
match /users/{userId} {
    allow read, write: if request.auth.uid == userId;

Sample Firebase User Profile structure in Firestore


User Profile structure

Contact 7 form sample for user management

// If you add class "getFirebaseUid" to any inputs, it will return the current user uid automatically

[hidden databaseType "firestore"]
[hidden collectionName "users"]
[hidden documentId class:getFirebaseUid "INVALID"]
[hidden dateType "dateOfBirth"]

[text* firstName placeholder "First Name"]
[text* lastName placeholder "Last Name"]
[text* email placeholder "Email"]
[tel phone placeholder "+1 647 620 0000"]

[number age id:age min:1 max:100]
Date of Birth

[date* dateOfBirth id:dateOfBirth]

[radio gender id:gender default:1 "Male" "Female" "Other"]

[submit "Submit"]

Create Firebase User Account Page

This step is easy, you can create a Page on WordPress, then put the following shortcode to the page. Then you will have an account page that users can manage their profile information.

// html_id="ifp-firebase-account" is required

[contact-form-7 id="188" html_id="ifp-firebase-account" title="Firebase Account"]

Demo site: