Custom Email Template

* Added in PRO v3.26.0

The Firebase Authentication comes with default email template for Email Verification, Forgot Password… And they are not “branded” to your business identity.

In order to create your own email templates, you can use third party services to manage emails. This will require development skill, so you make sure that your developer know how to work with Firebase cloud functions and WordPress (PHP).

The flag skip_default_email and some global functions are added in order to support this feature. E.g.


The skip_default_email will not send default email template from Firebase, and you must apply your custom solution otherwise users will not receive anything. So, make you that you test it throughout before use it on production.

The next step is that you need implement those global functions in order to trigger the backend to send emails.

// trigger when default email is disabled for registration flow
window.skipRegistrationDefaultEmailCallback: (user: FirebaseUser) => {}

// trigger when default email is disabled for forgot password flow
window.skipForgotPasswordDefaultEmailCallback: (email: string) => {}

// trigger when default email is disabled for login flow
window.skipLoginDefaultEmailCallback: (user: FirebaseUser) => {}