Complete Guide to Firebase WordPress Integration (v1.15.0)

Last updated: Sep 20th, 2020

Integrate Firebase PRO is a WordPress plugin that brings Firebase features to WordPress site. E.g. sign in to WordPress and Firebase with one tap / email link or read & write to Firbase from WordPress.

Demo site:

Video Tutorials: Youtube Playlist - Firebase WordPress Integration

If you are interested in the development progress, please check the Road map.

First steps

This guide is mostly for the PRO version, if you are using the FREE version, please refer to the Guide


Even though the plugin allows Firebase users to log in to WordPress at the same time, best scenario is to use WordPress as backend for Firebase without allowing users to login to WordPress.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is built for app developers who need to store and serve user-generated content, such as photos or videos.


At the heart of Firebase is Google Analytics, a free and unlimited analytics solution.


If you are a developer, there is no limit that you cannot extend the plugin bases on you needs. Here are some examples.


List of plugins that can integrate with Integrate Firebase PRO


Use Cases for Integrate Firebase PRO